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About Effectus Corporation

Effectus Corporation is a plastics recycling and manufacturing company with facilities in the United States and Mexico.

On the plastics recycling side, we collect and process post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste, transforming this waste material into a reprocessed pellet that is used to manufacture plastic items. We currently sell our reprocessed plastic in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.


If we did not collect this plastic waste and give it a second useful life, this plastic waste would probably end up being landfilled, burned, buried, or in the ocean. 

On the manufacturing side, we run compression molding and a heavy gauge large sheet thermoforming operations. We also have an in-house machine shop where we design and build our molds. Using our recycled resins, we currently manufacture plastic lumber, plastic fence posts, traffic safety products and a variety of specialty items., etc.


Effectus Corporation was started in 2001 by Ricardo Duarte.  Ricardo was born in Nicaragua but left shortly after the Sandinista Revolution and moved to neighboring Costa Rica where he received his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Costa Rica.   In 1989 he came to Texas to pursue his MBA at Texas A&M University.  After graduating, he worked at Union Carbide for almost a decade.  After Dow Chemical acquired Union Carbide, he left the company in 1991 and started a plastics distribution and recycling company.

Ricardo lives in the Houston area and has two teenage children.  One of Ricardo's main driving forces is the drive to ensure they inherit as good of a planet as the one he grew up in.

Effectus has extensive experience in Waste Reduction, Circular Economy, Warehousing, International Logistics, Plastics Manufacturing and Product Sales.  We have established long term relationships with many manufacturing companies in all regions of the world and have gained their trust by the way we do our work. 


A testament to the way we do business is the fact that many of our customers and suppliers have been with us since we started, almost 20 years ago.

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20+ Years of Corporate Responsibility Devoted to Creating a Better Planet.  Experts in Logistics, Materials Sourcing, Plastics Recycling & Manufacturing and Closed-Loop (Zero-Waste) Programs.
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