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Move to a new level of excellence by building a zero-waste operation.  Effectus helps manufacturers close the loop on plastic waste by converting their plastic scrap into raw materials that can be re-introduced into the manufacturing process.

When scrap cannot be re-introduced, Effectus can process the plastic waste and work with manufacturers to find other uses or customers for their plastic waste.

Effectus can also help companies close the loop by introducing more recycled plastics into their raw material stream.  This reduces the use of virgin plastic to meet your sustainability goals.

Recycling Your Post-Consumer Products


The Loop really isn't closed if your products end up in the landfill after they are discarded by your customers. 


Many companies offer ways for their customers to return worn out or damaged products but then have no way to properly recycle those products in a cost-efficient manner.  Unfortunately, in some cases, those returned products pile up in warehouses and become a cost burden on the company.

If your company does not currently offer your customers the option to return products at the end of their life-cycle, Effectus can help you develop a program to take those products back and turn them into useful materials.

Effectus specializes in unique challenges involving mechanically dismantling products made from multiple types of materials and different types of plastics.  We work with our clients to find cost-effective ways to recycle their returned products into raw materials that can be re-introduced into the plastic stream.

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