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Leverage our 20+ years experience to reduce the amount of plastic waste being discarded during your manufacturing process.  We can help you turn your plastic waste into raw materials that can be used to make new products.

The Effectus Team has taken on some of the most challenging plastics recycling challenges with relish.  In fact, we seek them out.  Because of this, we are uniquely placed to address your plastic recycling challenges.  Using our expertise built on solving problems, we can guide you in a number of ways.

  • Reduce the amount of your plastic waste that ends up in landfills

  • Recycle difficult or multi-component plastic waste

  • Develop and achieve recycling goals

  • Encourage your customers to recycle more of your products at the end of their life cycle

  • Source a variety of recycled raw materials for your manufacturing process

  • Turn your plastic waste into profits

New Product Development


Because of our deep experience with plastics recycling and then using the recycled plastic to manufacture new products, the Effectus Team has the knowledge to help companies source recycled plastic and lower manufacturing costs using recycled plastics.  By using more recycled feedstock your company can take a strong step toward sustainability.


Every type of recycled plastic has its own properties that can impact the potential use of recycled content in your products.  A careful understanding of how to work with recycled plastics to achieve the exact specifications required is key to success in manufacturing using recycled plastics.

We work with our clients to improve their product sustainability by finding inventive ways to incorporate recycled plastics into their products.

Depending upon the plastic content of your products, we may be able to help lower your raw material costs by using more recycled plastics.

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