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Agricultural Drip Tape is used extensively on commercial farms in drier climates where water is scarce (Southwest United States, for instance).  Drip tape is a thin-walled tube that has a dripper manufactured inside the tube, evenly spaced, to irrigate rows of crops.  Drip tape systems allow better control over the amount of water being applied, which means crops are healthier and less water is wasted.  


However, the life of drip tape in an outdoor commercial farm environment is short, usually one season, and typically there are no ready solutions for farmers to recycle their used drip tape.  If no recycling options are available, farmers are left with a number of unappealing options:  bury it on the farm, burn it,  let it pile up over years in a tangled, semi-toxic heap, or send it to a landfill.


From Drip Tape to Plastic Film, Plastic Pellets, Dumpster Lids, etc.

Effectus offers an environmentally sound option for farmers.  We pick up the drip tape from farms and transport it back to our facilities in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for processing.  We wash, grind, and pelletize the drip tape to give it a new life where it will be used to make a number of manufactured plastic products. 


If You Are A Farmer

  • Call us to find out if we pick up in your region.  (713) 446-5275

  • Free Service (in most cases)

  • Serving Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California

  • Effectus Corporation has over 20 years experience collecting and processing post-agricultural and post-industrial plastic waste



  • Minimum Pick Up Quantity = 20,000 pounds

  • Drip tape must be in rolls or bales

  • Drip tape must be Polyethylene

  • Drip Tape cannot be mixed with other plastics (such as mulch film, etc.)

  • As much as possible, Drip Tape must be free of excessive dirt, trash, and other foreign materials (rocks, wood, metal, etc.)

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